La Casa de Barro is a foundation whose focus is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The incorporation of fresh food, electric foods, Raw-Vegan foods into our diet is one of the prime motives for the opening of the space. Therefore we offer Raw-Vegan lunch boxes, which we deliver to you, provided that you are in our neighborhood, or an adjacent area. You can also have your lunch box at our place, in that case, reservations are compulsory. Our food consist mainly of fresh fruits and leafy greens, sprouts and microgreens, some seeds, pseudo-grains like amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat, all part of a gluten free diet, and some nuts. If you have any type of allergy we will adjust to you and make you a personal lunch box. We do not use sulfites, specially no garlic and no onion, as sulfites are dangerous allergens for many people, we use no sugar and no oils and our lunch boxes are gluten free. We carefully work on your lunch box and take care of your personal taste, that is why, we prefer to have fixed clients and deliver one or two lunch boxes a week. We use only natural materials to pack like porcelain, bamboo, wood and glass as it is part of our mission to keep the planet clean and well loved. The tableware will be picked up after you are done with your lunch or during the next days. The lunch boxes consist on two different dishes and a dessert, and a juice or tea, the price is 25 euros per lunch box.

We also organize Raw-Vegan dinners with discussions, live acoustic music and performances you can read about it in our mission page and find more information about our events in the blog pages.

For ordering or reservations, please contact us at: rawvegandinners.lacasadebarro@gmail.com or call 020 22 31 440

La Casa de Barro
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 199,
1012 DK Amsterdam